The partners

Alice Meier Bourdeau

Born on 21st January 1972 in Dusseldorf, Germany, of German nationality, Alice Meier-Bourdeau has the distinction of being a ministerial officer who is a citizen of another member state of the European Union. She is perfectly trilingual in French, German and English.

Alice Meier-Bourdeau has a Ph. D. in Law (with a thesis on “Nationality as a criteria for incorporation into private French and German international law”), a post-graduate degree in general private law (from the University of Paris X – Nanterre, gaining the highest mark of her year) and a degree in Applied Law Studies in French and German law (from Paris X – Nanterre, with distinction). She was Teaching and Research attaché at the University of Paris X – Nanterre from 1996 to 2000, then became a lawyer at the Paris bar (after coming top of her class in the CAPA law school exams). She qualified as a barrister to the Council of State and the Court of Cassation in 2009.

Before becoming a partner in the firm, Alice Meier-Bourdeau worked as an associate lawyer for about ten years in various avocat aux Conseils firms.

She specialises in private and employment litigation, litigation for provisional remand compensation, as well as certain branches of public law litigation (civil service, interim procedures).

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Guillaume Lécuyer

Guillaume Lécuyer was born on 17th October 1975 and is French. He has a Ph. D. in Law, is a former lawyer to the Court of Paris and former secretary of the Conference du stage des avocats aux Conseils (an exam testing eloquence and legal argument for lawyers training for the Order of avocats aux Conseils). He became an avocat aux Conseils when he went into partnership with Alice Meier-Bourdeau.

His academic qualifications and practical experience are multi-disciplinary. He has a masters degree in Economic law from the University of Paris I which completed his training in public law and private law in its various economic and financial specialisations.

He reinforced his skills in contract law, criminal law and criminal procedure with a post-graduate degree in private law from the University of Paris I and a post-graduate degree in private law and criminal sciences from the University of Paris II.

His Ph. D. led him to specialise notably in European law, civil responsibility, press and media law and copyright. When he began working as an associate lawyer with avocat aux Conseils law firms in 2004, Guillaume Lécuyer was immediately operational in dealing with all types of cassation litigation (civil and commercial, criminal and public).

At the firm, he mainly intervenes in public law and administrative litigation (Counsel of State, administrative courts of appeal and tribunals), in contract law, commercial law, corporate and press criminal law and constitutional law (QPC – Question Prioritaire de Constitutionnalité which is an application for a preliminary ruling on the conformity of a legislative provision with the Constitution).

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