Presentation of the firm

The firm holds a natural place in history, for it holds the function of ministerial officer, ever since the order of September 10th 1817 established the Order of attorneys to the supreme Courts of France

The Order counts several illustrious members, such as Jacques-Henri Simon, one of the first members of the Resistance, who paid for his engagement with his life.

The function was occupied by individual independent barristers until the beginning of the 1990s, when Frédéric Ancel and Dominique Couturier-Heller became partners and set up a law firm (a structure known as a Société Civile Professionnelle in French).

Alice Meier-Bourdeau joined them at the end of the 2000s. The firm became known as SCP Ancel, Couturier-Heller et Meier-Bourdeau.

When the original partners left, Alice Meier-Bourdeau went into partnership with Guillaume Lécuyer and the firm took on its current structure, SCP Meier-Bourdeau Lécuyer.

Because all avocats aux Conseils (attorneys to the Supreme Courts) must be capable of defending their clients before the Council of State and the civil, commercial, social and criminal divisions of the Court of Cassation, the firm is at ease in all branches of law. It remains, however, that due to the specialised paths of its partners and associates, or the nature of the cases it frequently deals with, the firm develops expert knowledge in certain areas, such as public law and administrative litigation, employment law, family law, most notably in cases relating to estates (inheritance, matrimonial regimes), business law, private international law, copyright and press law.

The firm not only defends individuals, but also companies, central public bodies, local authorities, public and national establishments, trade unions and associations.

The firm represents the interests of its clients before the French Supreme Courts and carries out a complementary activity of legal advice.