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Juliette Desvaux-Voury

Juliette Voury has been a qualified lawyer since March 1997 and since has been working with attorneys to the Supreme Courts. She has a post graduate diploma in private law from Pantheon-Assas University (Paris II) and decided to make a break in her career after 10 years in order to complement her skills with training on the legal issues arising from the development in new technologies. In 2009 she graduated top of her year with a Masters Degree in multimedia and IT law from Panthéon-Assas Université.

She joined the law firm the same year. She has been working for fifteen years with attorneys to the Supreme Courts, more specifically on cases in contract and business law, and new technologies.

Pascale Colloc-Simon

Pascale Colloc-Simon specialised in procedural law, obtaining the Certificate in Criminal Sciences from the Criminology Institute of Panthéon-Assas University (Paris II) in 1999.

She graduated with a post graduate diploma from the Panthéon-Assas University in 2000 and since she joined the law firm in 2001 she has been in charge of studying civil law, social law and criminal law cases. She also deals with litigation concerning provisional remand compensation.

Jean-Jacques Menuret

Jean-Jacques Menuret has a Ph. D in Law from Panthéon-Assas University, Paris II (his 2002 thesis entitled « Le contentieux du Conseil de la concurrence » (on Competition Council litigation) supervised by Pierre Delvolvé, PUCF-LGDJ, won the Varenne Foundation Prize). He is also a lecturer at Paris 13 – Paris Sorbonne Cité University and in particular teaches law and administrative litigation, Fundamental Freedoms law, public economic law as well as competition law.

His most recent works include the publication « La collégialité, valeurs et significations en droit public » (on collegiality, values and signification in public law-Bruylant 2012) and he wrote a paper the authority of competition, « l’autorité de la concurrence » for the Jurisclasseur Competition-Consumption collection (Paper 60, Lexixnexis, 2011).

He has been working at the law firm for 10 years, dealing with issues arising from public law, and more particularly administrative law and litigation, as well as from constitutional law (QPC-French Constitutional law).

Maria Lopez de Tejada

Marie Mopez de Tejada has a degree in business law from Toulouse University and a post graduate diploma in international trade law from Pathéon-Sorbonne University (Paris II) and then went on to graduate with the Spanish « Licenciatura en Derecho »
(equivalent to a degree).

She has been teaching regularly since 2007, particularly international private law, international procedural law, contract law and liability law.

In 2007 she submitted a thesis at Panthéon-Assas University on « La disparition de l’exaquatur » (the disappearance of the exaquatur) which received the Order of attorneys to the Supreme Courts prize, the official Chancellory of the Universities in Paris André Isoré prize and the Pathéon-Assas University prize. The thesis was published by LGDJ in June 2013.

She joined the law firm in 2012 and deals particularly with contract law, civil procedures and private international or European law cases.

Anne Guégan

Anne Guégan is a lecturer at the Sorbonne law school (Paris University I Paris Sorbonne), has a Ph. D in law and has been familiar with Supreme Court techniques since 2001.

She is consulted regularly by the Law firm about insurance law, liability law, personal injury law and contract law.

Her fields of competence have enabled her to write several publications, such as « Dommages de masse et responsabilité civile » (on mass damages and civil liability », LGDJ 2006) or academic articles and doctrinal notes (see the recent « L’indemnisation de la perte certaine d’une chance même faible » on the compensation of certain loss, even when the opportunity is remote), note registered under Civ. 1 (First Chamber of the French Supreme French Court of Appeal), 16th January 2013, n° 113, p. 14 ; « Les conditions de réparation de la perte d’une chance » on the conditions for compensating loss of opportunity, Conference entitled « La perte d’une chance » on the loss of an opportunity », Orléans University, 12th February 2013, to be published in Petites Affiches ; and the note registered under Civ. 2 (second chamber of the Court of Cassation, 25th October 2012, D. 2013) concerning «Quand la victime n’est pas tenue de limiter son préjudice dans l’intérêt du responsable » about when the victim is not expected to limit his or her damages in the interests of the person responsible. She has contributed to several magazines in different sections linked to her speciality subjects (Civil Liability column in « Gazette du Palais » magazine and in « Revue des Contrats » magazine, and the Personal Injury Rights column in « Recueil Dalloz » magazine.

Alexia Babe Pinatel

Alexia Babe Pinatel is a qualified attorney and has been working for attorneys to the Supreme Courts since 2005.

She has the benefit of substantial experience in employment law. She holds a post graduate diploma in employment law from Panthéon-Sorbonne University (Paris I) and has taught employment and contract law. She has been dealing with cases before the Labour Chamber for over ten years and of course is the expert contacted by the law firm on employment law cases.